Steiner Tractor Repair Manual

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View and Download Steiner CS312 owner's/operator's manual. Manual before operating tractor. John Taylor Mechanics Instructors Manual more. NUMBER WHEN ORDERING SERVICE PARTS STEINER. If you need to purchase a manual for your vintage tractor, let Steiner Tractor Parts, Inc help. We have the manuals you're looking for - at the right price. Learn how to replace a water pump on a John Deere 50 using new parts for old tractors by Steiner Tractor Parts. Rachel Gingell will walk you through the steps of this tractor repair.

Hello everyone!! I'm hoping you can help me! A friend of mine and I have a Steiner 420 tractor, and I'm looking at changing the alternator. I'm also looking to replace the belt that connects from the drive pulley, to the rad fan, then to the alternator I looked at it carefully last night, and pardon my language but it looks like a bitch of a job. Does anyone have a manual or a step by step on how to remove this? It's a Kubota WG600 engine but if anyone is familiar with it, or has a repair manual. I would appreciate any guidance or advice Thank you!

Steiner Tractor Repair Manual

Here is a picture of the beast! The end with the starter, flywheel, and PTO sheave is the back. The front has the v-belt for the alternator, the water pump, etc. The front and back of the engine does not correlate to the front of the machine. Steiner mounts them backwards.

Tractor Repair Near MeSteiner Tractor Repair ManualSteiner Tractor Repair Manual

On the crankshaft pulley to which the v-belt attaches is a flexible disc with 6 bolts. The outer three detach the pump drive adapter from the flexible disc called the disc-weasler. Remove those three bolts and the adapter will usually deflect enough to remove and replace the belt. If it does not allow enough play to slip the belt past the pulley, then loosen the three bolts on the engine side of the pump drive to allow enough flex to clear the belt. As for the alternator it is attached the same way as most tractor and automotive applications, disconnect the negative battery cable before removing the alternator for service. Adjustment is same as pretty much all other alternators. The plastic fan can be a tight squeeze to get the belt around, but just go slowly a blade at a time.

Sometimes it is necessary to unbolt the fan shroud from the radiator to get the room to work. I recommend you call Steiner if this is your first rodeo with that unit.

They have excellent technical publications.

I'm searching for someone who knows a bit more about engines than I do. (and that doesn't take much). I've had this Steiner 420 (mid-90's) for a couple years and about a year ago it started sputtering and stalling.

I basically parked it in the garage for a year and I'm finally getting back around to it. (At the end of this, what is likely to be a rambling, post, I have included a link to a video I just recorded.) This tractor has an Onan Performer 20xsl engine.

The only dealer that handles Steiner anywhere near me told me that they no longer work on Steiners with this engine, so I'm on my own, though they seem to have some proprietary info and are kind enough to give me part numbers which seem to be correct. They can possibly get parts, but even that is questionable. I asked for repair manuals and was basically told that no such thing was ever created (and that seems to be true, because I can't find them). Even my owner's/parts manual shows a different Onan engine so it's all useless. I have gleaned that this engine has a downdraft carb (maybe called a Nikki?) which the Onan listed in my manual does not. What's happening is that I'm getting a ton of gas in the air cleaner. It mists/sputters/spats gas irregularly into to chamber inside the air cleaner, which I believe it is supposed to do in some form, just not in the volume it's happening.

(you'll see in the video) I tried adjusting the carb screw and it doesn't seem to have any effect no matter how far in our out it's adjusted. I thought maybe the float/needle was bad so I bought, and just installed a new OEM, Onan needle and float in the carburetor (which was not inexpensive for something that looks like it probably is made with about 12 cents worth of materials). The result is equal, possibly worse, than before I replaced it. Beyond that, I'm hoping someone can point me to the next logical thing to try before I try to just buy a new carburetor. Keep in mind, I'm not so bright when it comes engine parts. I get the gist of how an engine works and can do basic stuff, but as soon as you start talking about technical stuff and 'Johnson rods' (Seinfeld reference), you've lost me.

Link to my video. Can you post the model / serial # from the tractor's data plate? Also need the info from the Onan engine's data plate/stamp. The name and numbers on the carb (NIKKI??).

Manuals: says the Onan engine is a P220: Engine Detail: Onan P220 gasoline 2-cylinder air-cooled horizontal-shaft opposed twin 781 cc [47.7ci ] Shop Manual (carb page#16): Carb Repair kit (site instructs to be sure you have the right kit by comparing gasket to original from carb, gives another kit # in the description):. I'll search for the Steiner data plate. I'm amazed at how little info I can find about the Steiner/Onan engine. I'm pretty darn good at 'internetting' but this tractor is a baffler. I can say that the Onan engine is likely the p220 or p220g because, from everything I've found, it was what Steiner used. I'm not sure if there is a difference between the two engines other than the 'g'. But I was told one version had a 'regular' carb and the other a downdraft, which I guess, mine is.

The problem is, all of the specs for the 420 list only one version of the Onan engine. I'll have to do some CSI work to figure out the Onan serial number. It's on a foil sticker and it's almost faded to invisibility. I might be misinformed but it seemed like everyone was referring to downdraft carburetors as 'Nikki' carbs. Maybe I just misunderstood that as an interchangeable term rather than just a brand name. I know there are no obvious numbers on the carburetor.

Myself and a guy that knows a bit about engines was perplexed by this carb. We can't see how to remove it other than to take most of the tractor apart to get to some barely visible bolts which look to screw in from underneath, from a place that's impossible to get to. When I was on the phone with the Steiner dealer, they gave me this number (154-2745) as the complete carburetor part number, if that helps. His float/needle part number was correct, and he pulled that number from the same manual. I apparently bought a riddle in the form of a tractor. I should also add, I tried firing this up again. It started but an excessive amount of gas sputtered into the air filter but it still then ran and ran, even after I put the air cleaner cover on.

I took it for a little spin. It seemed ok until I engaged the mower which wiped out most of the power. I disengaged the mower but it started faltering and stalled. It wouldn't restart. I opened the air cleaner and there was ZERO GAS, like it had been.

I tried firing it up with the cover off and it reluctantly got going, then continued. I drove it back to its spot and no gas sputtered out the whole way back. The air cleaner stayed dry. It's getting more perplexing. UPDATE 2: I fired up the tractor again.

It now seems to idle perfectly at full throttle. Maybe the new float/needle did have some effect, just not immediately.?? I can now drive at full throttle, forward and reverse but ONLY at medium speed.

As soon as I try to push it faster, it starts bogging down and recovers as soon as I back off. (same for engaging the mower). Anything that requires more power, bogs it to the point of faltering. Is that simply a carb screw adjuustment? Seat Alhambra Workshop Service Manual. That's the one thing no one (not even the Steiner dealer) has been able to tell me.