Homelite Ut43120 Electric Chainsaw Manual

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• 2220 Answers SOURCE: Hello Jimmy; On an electric I cannot visualize anything getting hot enough to burn oli except the bar and chain. I am hesitant to get 2 deep into any repair, I fear it may be used to negate your warrenty. Try The first part of this and reply (below) about oil seepage with bar removed please. Is the model number a ZR10926?

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Oil System Plugged: • Remove the clutch cover, bar, and chain, clean the bar groove, any holes and passages on the rear of the bar (both sides, consider rotating the bar), if equipped with a sprocket nose ensure it rotates easily at least one complete revolution. Clean the saw oiler hole and channel. Insert a blunted, hooked piece of wire through the oil filler hole and pull the hose in the oil tank out. Pay attention to the screen or filter on the free end (clean or replace, difficult to determine serviceability). Start the saw and see if it oils when revved up (oozes down side of saw). If yes reassemble your saw. If no, continue with 2.

• Work your way through the linkage (use IPL to identify components and locations) cleaning and replacing any defective parts as you go. Carefully check the hoses for cracks especially at bends and connections. If equipped with an oil pump it is usually behind the clutch (clutch is a left handed thread).

Please make extensive notes & some digital pictures will help during reassembly. Reply below with the result of 1. Please see your manual for bar and chain installation. If you have more questions or need additional help please reply below and I will get back to you. Thank you for using FixYa and Good Luck. HTH Lou Posted on Mar 18, 2010.

Homelite UT43120A Electric Chainsaw Parts. Search within model. Operators Manual. No Longer Available. UT43120 Electric Chain Saw. Homelite electric chain saw model nos. Ut43100 and ut43120 all versions repair sheet. Homelite chain saw – model numbers ut43100 and ut43120 − all versions 2.

• 6 Answers SOURCE: I am not sure if you have figured out how to put the chain back on your saw or not, but it doesn't take long. Remove the plastic yellow 'T' shaped nut on the right side of the saw (towards the front of the motor housing) 2. Remove the black plastic housing that covers the rear section of the bar and chain 3. Place the chain back onto the bar making sure it is facing the correct direction. Place the chain over the rear sprocket area 5. Turn the +/- yellow plastic knob (towards the back of the saw on the right side) in the - direction until the metal guide inside the plastic casing lines up with the hole in the chainsaw bar 6.

Replace the black plastic housing and slightly tighten the yellow 'T' shaped nut. Now turn the +/- knob until the chain is tight.

Once the chain is tight, turn the 'T' nut until it is tight and you are ready to cut again. Posted on Feb 04, 2011. I have had a similar problem with a couple Remington electric chain saws, including this one. I removed the motor, opened it up, and found the problem was burned out motor brushes. It can be quite a challenge finding replacements. MAKE CAREFUL NOTE OF HOW ALL COMPONENTS FIT TOGETHER AS YOU DISSASEMBLE.

I took the motor with me and ended up finding some brushes with the same cross-section at a local electric motor repair place. I tried completely replacing the used brushes before, but always had trouble with either opening and re-closing the brush holder, or with trying to make connections to the existing wiring. My most effective solution was to file the end of the burned out brush flat (it wears to a curve that fits against the comutator). Then I cut a piece of a new brush with the same cross-section as long as would fit inside the brush holder when inserted from the comutator end to replace the part that had burned/worn away. Vw Touareg V8 Tdi Manual. I ended up with a piece between 1/4 and 3/8 inch long. This fits flat end to the filed-down flat end of the burned out brush. Once carefully put back in place and reassembling the motor and saw, I ran the motor with no chain for a minute or so to verify the fix and give the brush a chance to shape itself to the comutator.

This is not necessarily a permanent solution. But I can repeat the process as often as needed until some other component wears out enough to justify replacing the entire unit. I really like NOT messing with gas engines and do a lot of heavy cutting on logs moved nearer to the house. But the weak link on every electric I have had has been the brushes eventually burning away. [email protected] Mar 28, 2009 .