Four Winns Boat Service Manual

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Four Winns Boat Service Manual

PREFACE This manual will acquaint you with the use and maintenance of your new Four Winns boat. The manual also provides special information critical to the safety of the passengers, and longevity of the equipment. The information on the following page lists the conventions used to increase the visibility of these important messages. Also included with this manual is the “Boating Basics, A Guide to Responsible Boating “.

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2002-2003 Four Winns Horizon 170 180 190 200 210 220 230 240 Funship 214 234 254 264 Vista 338 348 Addendum Boat Owners Manual. The Four Winns dealer from whom you purchased Persons overcome by carbon monoxide may your boat will handle all warranty and service matters exhibit the following symptoms: with the engine manufacturer for you. Four Winns® Boats - Manufacturing quality runabouts, bowriders, cruiser yachts and tow sport boats since 1962. Join the Four Winns® family today. Whether you are interested in purchasing a new Four Winns or seeking service for your existing model, our dealers are ready to help. Search for the dealer nearest you by clicking the link.

Boat Manual Free Download. Marine Operator’s Engine Boating Guide. Free Auto Service Instruction and Manual Download PDF. Years covered by this manual: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000. This publication covers all the boating basics and should be read along with the Four Winns manual before operating your boat. Review this information in detail. Four Winns continually strives to improve its products.

Unit specifications, including standard and optional equipment are constantly being modified. Equipment availability is also subject to change. The most current and accurate information available at the time of publication is included in this manual. Some variation in equipment, description, location, and details can result. The information in this manual focuses upon the equipment designed and manufactured by Four Winns on Vista models. Utilize the information pertinent to your specific boat model. Equipment such as engines, and other accessories are manufactured by others.

The information provided in this manual is intended to be used in conjunction with the information provided by the manufacturers. All information available at the time of manufacture has been included with this manual. Read this manual carefully before operating your new boat. Many instructions may require direct performance of the activity to fully understand the correct method.

If you choose to read this manual at home, remember to take it to the boat with you. Your Four Winns dealer knows your boat best and is interested in your complete satisfaction. Return to him for service or other assistance. If you find it necessary to contact Four Winns directly, please write the office listed below. Be sure to include the boat model, serial number, your daytime telephone number, and specifics of the information desired.

This manual has been specifically developed for the 238, 258 & 278 Vista models. Please record the model and serial number information below. Model Serial Wikipedia’s page for Company Web Site.

Toshiba Dp 2460 Service Manual. CAPACITY LABEL AND OTHER STICKER LOCATIONS The NMMA Capacny label and various warning stickers are placed at different locations on each model for your safety. Addnional warnings will be imprinted on the dash. Many of these stickers and labels are not required by the U.S. Coast Guard but are important to ensure the safe operation of your Four Winns boat. In addnion, the Hull Identnication Number is molded into the gel coat below the deck-hull joint in the starboard aft corner.

R1 5vy Repair Manual here. Boat Manual Free Download. Marine Operator’s Engine Boating Guide. Free Auto Service Instruction and Manual Download PDF.

Years covered by this manual: 1995, 1996, 1997. Refer to Table I and Figure 1 below.

Table I: Fling Decola PART DESCRIPTION FOUR WlNNS PARH PART DESCRIPTION FOURWlNNS PART. A B C D E F G G NMMA Capacity ” “bel (BIA Tag) ProcedIems w h running out of fuel in the middle of the lake.

VRO Tank The VRO tank holds the oil for the oil injection system. The VRO tank is located on the port side of the engine compartment.

This tank has an oil capacity of 1.5 gallons. The oil supply system should be primed before the fuel system. If the fuel system is primed first, prime the oil system while the engine is idling. The waming hom will sound ff oil has not reached the fuel pump. Also, the oil level should drop in the VRO tank. Be sure to refer to the section on Oil Injection System In your Engine Owners Manual.

Wikipedia’s page for Company Web Site.