Domino A100 Inkjet Printer Manual

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, S series, etc. Are the popular brands and models of industrial inkjet printers. 1, Character defect of Domino A200 Printer Reasons: Some ink dot fall on the margin of recycle tube, which cause ink residual in the recycle tube. Solutions: 1) Check whether the ink line position is correct; 2) Check whether the ink split is normal; 3) Check whether the ink is normal (ink viscosity BFT, ink expiration date, compatibility of the consumables); 4) Check whether it is in nice grounding for the Domino A Series printer, which is often ignored by some customers and engineers. The grounding is very important, or it will cause serious effect. Manual For 1948 Farmall. 2, Recycle tube failure of Domino A200 Printer Phenomenon: Recycle tube sensor can't detect any ink flowing through the recycle tube.

Reasons: 1) Abnormal of ink line: There is no ink line sprayed out, or skewing of the ink line; 2) Blockings in the ink line system; 3) Damage or disconnection of recycle tube sensor. Solutions: 1) Check the ink line system. Clean the nozzle, and adjust the ink line; 2) Locate the blocking position by checking the recycle tube in sections; 3) Check whether the connector of the ink recycle sensor in the PCB is well installed; 4) Change the recycle tube sensor. 3, High voltage failure of Domino A200 Printer Reasons: high voltage sensor detects the imbalance of voltage. 1) Some irregular objects hit the high voltage deflector; 2) The high voltage deflector is dirty; 3) Over-sensitivity of the high voltage sensor.

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Solutions: For 1) and 2), clean the high voltage deflector, and start the machine in normal procedure; For 3), it will always report high voltage failure, but the deflector is very clean. Please adjust the sensitivity. 4, Charging failure of Domino A200 Printer Reasons: 1) There is ink residual in the charging slot; 2) Charged ink dot detecting failure. Solutions: 1) Shut down Domino A200 printer, clean the charging slot. If necessary, please dismantle the charging slot for cleaning. After thoroughly cleaning, please start the machine when the charging slot is dried; 2) There are many reasons for this failure, please firstly check from the ink, learn the viscosity of the ink, expiration date, as well as the ink quality (compatibility of the ink). Then watch the ink splitting process, check the ink link pressure, adjust the voltage, and make suitable adjustment to guarantee wonderful ink splitting; 3) Broken of the charging slot.

Please contact with us for purchasing a new good quality Domino charging slot. 5, Ink viscosity failure of Domino A200 Printer Reasons: 1) The actual value of ink BFT is bigger than the setting value, that is to say the viscosity is too high; 2) The actual value of ink BFT is lower than the setting value, that is to say the viscosity is too low. Solutions: If the ink viscosity is too low, please pour it out and place it under ventilated area or use a fan to evaporate the diluents. If the viscosity is too high, please manually add some solvent. When the viscosity is normal, please observe whether it will change.

If the change is very big, there could be problems in the diluents adding system, please check it further. The possible reasons could be: blockings of the viscosity measuring system or lack of flow rate.

There could also be problems of bad contact or damage in viscometer. If you can't well repair the Domino A Series printer, please contact with us and reflect the failure phenomenon and the checking issue you have done to the machine. Huax Tech engineers will help you to solve the normal problems of Domino A Series printer in time.

More questions on Domino A200 printer, please feel free consult with Huax Tech, as besides supplying good quality spare parts and filters for brands of CIJ printers such as, Videojet, Imaje, Linx and so on, we also hope to be helpful in giving you practical and useful solutions for your application of CIJ printers. Huax is a manufacturer of Videojet and Domino A200 Printer spare parts and filters, Videojet filter, Domino filter, Imaje filter, Willett filter and Linx filter.

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