Cub Cadet 1525 Engine Manual

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1525 Cub Cadet

Replacement parts and diagram for 1525 Cub Cadet Tractor. Cub Cadet 1525 Manuals. 15HP 2-cylinder Kawasaki engine and a 38' mower deck. Models 1525 1527 CUB CADET LLC. This Operator’s Manual is an important part of your new lawn tractor. May contact the engine exhaust and/or build up on.

Cub Cadet 1525 Manual

20 • Fill the crankcase until the oil level reaches the full (F) mark on the dipstick. Refer to Figure 16. Refer to the viscosity oil chart earlier in this section for information regarding the proper type of oil to add to the crankcase. IMPORTANT: The oil capacity (with oil filter) is 1.8 U.S.

Quarts (57.6 oz.). Never overfill the engine crankcase. IMPORTANT: The engine may overheat and/or damage may result if the oil level is below the ADD or over the FULL on the dipstick. • Reinstall the oil fill cap/dipstick securely onto the oil fill tube. IMPORTANT: The oil fill cap/dipstick must be installed securely onto the tube at all times when the engine is operating. Severe engine damage could result from failure to do so.

Changing the Engine OIl The engine oil and oil filter should be changed after the first 8 hours of operation, and after every 100 hours of operation thereafter. WARNING: If the engine has been recently run, the engine and surrounding metal surfaces will be hot and can cause burns to the skin. Allow the tractor to cool and use caution when removing the side panels, draining the oil from the crankcase, and changing the oil filter. IMPORTANT: The oil filter should be changed at every oil change interval. To complete an oil change, proceed as follows: Removing the Left-hand Side Panel • Engage the tractor’s parking brake and raise the hood. • Loosen, but do not remove, the rear wing nut and upper front wing nut.

Mechanical Engineer Manual. See Figure 17. Figure 17 • Grasp the side panel just behind the grille and pull outward to release the side panel from the tapered bushings on the grille.

• Slide the side panel forward and out of the groove in the dash panel. Draining the Oil Run the engine for a few minutes to allow the oil in the crankcase to warm up. Warm oil will flow more freely and carry away more of the engine sediment which may have settled at the bottom of the crankcase. Use care to avoid burns from hot oil. • Unscrew oil fill cap and remove dipstick from the oil fill tube.

• Pop open the protective cap on the end of the oil drain valve to expose the drain port. See Figure 18. Figure 18 • Push the oil drain hose (packed with this manual) onto the oil drain port.

Route the opposite end of the hose into an appropriate oil collection container with a capacity great enough to collect the used oil (approximately 1.8 quarts or 57.6 oz.). • Push the oil drain valve in slightly, then rotate counterclockwise and pull outward to begin draining oil. See Figure 18. • After the oil has finished draining, push the oil drain valve back in, rotate it clockwise to lock the valve closed. Re-cap the end of the oil drain valve to keep debris from entering the drain port. IMPORTANT: Always change the oil filter when performing an oil change on your tractor’s engine.

Changing the Oil Filter After draining the oil, proceed as follows: NOTE: Refer to the Attachments & Accessories table found on page 32 of this manual for the proper oil filter. Linamar Lx770 Manual. Wing Nuts Oil Fill Cap/Dipstick Oil Fill Tube Oil Drain Valve Oil Filter.